Getting schema information from an edmx file with POCO

by John Nye

04 Jun

In this example I have two tables in my database, Customer and Company. Customer belongs to the dbo schema whereas Company belongs to the 'other' schema. By default the edmx file does not offer up information about the schema of the original tables however this is something that is stored in the underlying xml.

xml scheme

To retrieve this information we need to edit our tt template.

NOTE: I'd recommend getting tangible T4 Editor when working with .tt files as it provides syntax highlighting and intellisense which makes working with these file much easier.

At the top of our tt template (after the input file has been declared) we need to create a new store item collection that will grab the schema information using the code below.

StoreItemCollection sic;
loader.TryCreateStoreItemCollection(inputFile, out sic);
EntityContainer sicEntityContainer = sic.GetItems().FirstOrDefault();

Then from within the foreach (EntityType entity in ItemCollection.GetItems()...) loop you can get the current schema name with the following:

string schemaName = "Unknown";
if (sicEntityContainer != null)
    EntitySet eset = sicEntityContainer.GetEntitySetByName(code.Escape(entity), true);
    schemaName = eset.MetadataProperties["Schema"].Value.ToString();

Now we have the schema name we can do what we like with it. You might want to add a readonly property by adding the following just after the class is created.

public string Schema
    get { return "<#= schemaName #>"; }


With these small changes our auto generated classes now look like this:

Code comparison

Hope this helps

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Fernando says: 392 days ago

Nice... and what about with EF6??... "TryCreateStoreItemCollectio" doesn't work in EF6..

I think it might be done with the "MetadataWorkspace" method to retrieve the <EntityContainer> node, but didn't find a solution yet,.. can you help me? thanks

John says: 381 days ago

Hi Fernando,

Unfortunately I haven't tested this approach on EF6 so can't confirm whether or not it is still appropriate. If you do find a solution, I'd love to hear it.

Regards John

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